Match’ya Safety Tips

With Match’ya, there are limitless positive benefits that surround each business transaction. There are clear advantages that come with every influencer marketing campaign, but there are also risks. To ensure that you have a smoother and safer experience on Match’ya, here are some tips that you can follow.

For Advertisers

  • Do thorough background checks for each influencer
  • Before engaging with any influencers, it’s important to identify if there are any negative articles, news or scandals surrounding the influencer. Check their background on major search platforms such as Google and YouTube. You can also utilise our Reviews feature to see what other brands have said about working with the influencer.

  • Be transparent about the campaign
  • It’s important to establish transparency in a brand and influencer relationship to prevent any miscommunication. Influencers should reveal their partnership or collaboration with brands within their posts so their followers are aware that they are seeing an ad.

  • Conduct quality checks before posting
  • Having proper brand messaging is crucial in influencer marketing. The influencer’s post should always reflect your general brand image – ensure the content is unique, relevant and tailored for the right audience. A general brand collaboration practice is to conduct content preapprovals, but ensure that you do not hinder the influencer’s creativity.

  • Brand exclusivity
  • To prevent influencers from collaborating with a competitor during the campaign duration, it is advisable to put a condition on your contract – influencers are not allowed to work with a competitor brand during the campaign and afterwards for 6 months. An exclusivity agreement will ensure that your brand message is consistent and credible.

  • Look out for influencers’ authenticity
  • Aside from the number of followers, you should look at the influencer’s engagement rate on their posts. There are many platforms online that allow anyone to buy thousands of followers for a sum of money. Keep a lookout for accounts with high followers but low engagement, or accounts with a sudden spike in followers and engagement.

    For Influencers

  • Work with a brand that aligns with your values
  • Before working with a brand, make sure that the brand’s values align with yours. You should also consider if the partnership feels natural to you – it’s best to avoid collaborations with products or brands that you normally would not consider as your endorsement might come off as unauthentic to your audience.

  • Negotiating with the brand
  • If the brand offers you a lower sum than expected, provide them with a breakdown of your set rate, including equipment, time and any other requirements and justifications. It would be good for you to have a clear idea of the payment and whether you are willing to accept a lower payment for an initial trial campaign.

  • Read the contract carefully
  • To protect your best interests, ensure that you and the brand have established an agreement on these sections:

    • Activities required: Make sure you are aware of your deliverables and partnership requirements, including the date of posting.
    • Exclusivity contract: This clause would inform you whether you are allowed to collaborate with another brand during the campaign period.
    • Usage rights & content ownership: Usage rights cover how and where your content can be used during the campaign period.
    • Pre-approvals: Brands would inform you of the content approval process, including when and how your content needs to be submitted for approval.
    • Payment terms: These terms would highlight how much your payment would be, when it will be paid and conditions that would lead to payment revokement.
    • Endorsement Disclosure: Brands will guide you on how you should disclose your paid collaboration.
  • Check for scams
  • Scams are inevitable nowadays. Safeguard yourself from scams by taking advantage of our Reviews feature that allows you to read what others have said about working with the brand.

  • Never share personal information
  • Brands should never ask for your personal information such as social media passwords, home or work address or details about your daily routine. If any brands were to approach you for this information, report immediately and the Match’ya team will review.

    As a general rule, all conversations and transactions should be performed on the Match`ya platform, as all exchanges made on this platform are subject to following the community guidelines. Scammers and malicious users often try to quickly move a conversation to an SMS, messaging app, email, or phone.

    Keep in mind that even if you follow these tips, there is no perfect risk mitigation method. If you have a negative experience, please report it and contact us immediately at Our team will investigate the issue and get back to you as soon as possible.