Terms & Conditions

Scope: Users of the Match’ya Platform

Last Updated: 30 December 2021

  1. Definitions
  2. Preface
  3. Purpose
  4. Policy Statement
  5. Content
  6. By using our Platform
  7. As a Service Provider
  8. As a Customer
  9. Non-Confidentiality
  10. Match’ya Content
  11. Termination of Accounts
  12. Dispute Resolution
  13. Advertisements
  14. Acknowledgement
  15. Advertisements and Third-Party Links
  16. Liability Disclaimers
  17. Indemnification
  18. Device Compatibility
  19. Fees and Taxes
  20. Agreement between Customers and Service Provider
  21. Policy Agreement
  22. Policies governed by Singapore’s law
  23. Entire Terms
  24. Governing Law


1.1 “Match’ya” refers to TMR Media Pte. Ltd., agents, affiliates, and/or licensors.

1.2 “Entity” refers to any individual, company, organisation, or any other legal Entity.

1.3 “Platform” is defined as any platform created and maintained by Match’ya, including websites and mobile applications, for Users to transact by receiving and providing services for a monetary value.

1.4 “User” refers to any Entity accessing and using the Platform.

1.5 “Customer” refers to any Entity using the Platform to purchase services.

1.6 “Service Provider” refers to any Entity using the Platform to sell services.

1.7 “Match’ya” refers to the facility provided by Match’ya including but not limited to:

  1. Dispute resolution between Customers and Service Providers;
  2. Support response to existing or potential Users;
  3. Facilitating Users and Match’ya to make contact;
  4. Verification of profiles for Service Providers;
  5. Add-on services provided by Match’ya; and
  6. Any other ancillary or related services.

1.8 “Cost of the Service” refers to the fees which Users are obligated to pay to purchase service.

1.9 “Devices” refer to any electronic devices, such as computers, phones, tablets, smartwatches, smart televisions, game consoles, or any type of electronics that can access the Platform.

1.10 “Software Usage Fees” refer to the fees added by Match’ya to the Cost of the Service.

1.11 “Content” refers to the following without limitations, photos, videos, audio, text, data, links, or software.


The Terms of Service Policy applies to all Users. The term “you” in this agreement applies to Users. By using Match’ya services, you agree to observe and be bound by these terms and any other policies published by Match’ya. Match’ya reserves the right to change or modify this policy at any time. You hereby are aware that your continued use of Match’ya services constitutes your agreement to any modifications.


3.1 This policy is designed to inform Users of the terms and conditions of using the Match’ya platform. Match’ya Users shall be responsible to read and understand these terms and conditions.

3.2 This policy is subject to modification at any time without notice.

3.3 This policy will be available on the platform and shall be available on-demand through email requests.

3.4 Users are solely responsible for familiarising themselves with these terms.

Policy Statement

4.1 When you participate either as a Customer or as a Service Provider or in any other way of using the Platform, you warrant to comply with these conditions:

  1. For individuals, you must be at least Eighteen (18) years of age;
  2. If you are representing an organisation, company, or any other Entity, you must be:
  3. A part of an Entity that is existing validly under the laws and jurisdictions of Singapore; and
  4. Have full legal authority to bind the Entity by contract or any form of legal methods under applicable law.

4.2 By creating an account as a Customer or Service Provider, you confirm that all information provided by you or your representative is accurate, true, up to date, and complete and that you will maintain the accuracy of such information.

4.3 For Service Providers, your use of the Match’ya Platform to offer your services does not breach any applicable law.

4.4 For Customers, your use of the Match’ya Platform and services offered by Service Providers must not breach any applicable law.

4.5 Whether it is Match’ya Services or services offered by Service Providers on our Platform, Customers and Service Providers must agree to pay all relevant fees.

4.6 Subject to your agreement of these Terms of Service, Match’ya hereby grants you a reversible, revocable, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license to use the Platform and/or the services following these terms provided however that:

  1. You shall not copy, upload, reverse engineer, attempt to derive the source code of, interfere with, or decompile any Content of Match’ya without Match’ya’s prior written authorisation;
  2. You shall not alter, modify, adapt, or derive any part of the Platform other than what is reasonably necessary to use Match’ya for the intended purpose; and
  3. You hereby agree to act according to Match’ya’s policies and all applicable laws.

4.7 Generally, you are authorised to access, browse, and/or use the Match’ya Platform despite not being registered, or despite providing personal data. Nevertheless, to access and use the full features and advantages of Match’ya, you may face the requirement of creating a Match’ya account. To create an account, you shall supply Match’ya with your personal information, such information will include but is not limited to your name, email, date of birth, and you shall create a password.

4.8 You shall be the only one responsible for always keeping your password safe, secure, and well-guarded. You shall agree to the responsibility for all activities occurring on your account and you shall inform Match’ya at once of any form of breach of security or any unauthorised use of your account. You shall not use another person’s account. You shall not fabricate information about yourself, falsify any of your information, or misrepresent yourself nor shall you represent another User. You hereby concede that Match’ya is not liable for any losses attributable to unauthorised access to and/or use of your account. However, in the event of unauthorised access to and/or use of your account, you may be responsible for losses that might affect Match’ya or other Users of the Platform.

4.9 You must not use any automated system, scraper, bot, robot, crawler, spider, or any illegal means to access the Platform and you shall not monitor, copy, acquire any piece, part, or portion of Services.

4.10 You understand that Match’ya prohibits collecting Customers’ or Service Providers’ information by means whether it was manually, by using an automated system, competitive sites, third parties’ sites, mirrored, or by any method. This information includes but is not limited to, names, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, IP addresses, copying copyrighted texts, or any other misuse of Match’ya information and Content.

4.11 You must supply Match’ya with correct, fully accurate, and complete information during the process of creating your account and after when Match’ya requires more information to be provided.

4.12 You are not allowed to restrict or interfere with the Platform’s infrastructure by any method including but not limited to third-party participation. You shall not bypass Match’ya measures which were set to hold restrictions on access.

4.13 You are not allowed to contact Customers or Service Providers with any method of contact to advertise, market, solicit, employ, or contract for a business not affiliated with Match’ya.

4.14 All payments for services provided by Service Providers or provided by Match’ya to Customers must be paid through the Platform. Service Providers must not request payments via any other medium.

4.15 You must not collect or gather identifications or information including but not limited to, account information or names.

4.16 You must not abuse the servers by transmitting a load of information in a period that a human cannot reasonably produce using conventional web browsers or applications.

4.17 You must not use any activities to manipulate the system for abuse. Such activities include but are not limited to, duplicating accounts, reselling and or buying your services, creating fake accounts.

4.18 You shall not avoid paying any applicable fees.



Content refers to the following without limitations, photos, videos, audio, text, data, links, or software.

5.1 You hereby are solely responsible for the Content you post, upload, submit, transfer, distribute, share, transmit, or disseminate. Match’ya grants you ownership rights to your Content and prohibits the following: using your Content for unrelated purposes which include but are not limited to misrepresenting the source of the Content, impersonating other persons or entities, providing links to other sites, intending to exploit others, Match’ya or any third-party, invading other individuals’ privacy, soliciting, collecting information of others without their consent, creating Content that is pornographic, hateful, illegal, threatening, defamatory, discriminatory, racial, or offensive.

5.2 Your Content must not be intended to harm any Users’ Devices or Match’ya platform including but not limited to viruses and bugs.

5.3 You shall not have any Content that advertises entities without Match’ya’s consent;

5.4 You shall not have any Content that is copyrighted unless you own such rights, or have permission from the owner of such rights or licenses.

5.5 You have written consent from other persons or entities to use their licenses, copyrights, and/or trademarks.

5.6 You grant Match’ya a sub-licensable, perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, and transferable license to use, display, duplicate, and remake the Content you submit to Match’ya.

5.7 You are responsible for paying the fees or royalties to any individual’s or Entity’s licenses, copyrights, and/or trademarks used in your Content.

5.8 You grant Match’ya and Users of the Match’ya Platform a right to access your Content for purposes including but not limited to, reading, and using as permitted.

5.9 You authorise Match’ya to use your licenses, copyrights, and/or trademarks.

5.10 Your Content shall not contain or be junk mail, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or Ponzi schemes.

5.11 You shall not have Content that is identical to other service listings unless you have received the written consent of the other Service Provider; otherwise, the Content must be originally yours.

5.12 You shall not place your Content in a category that is not appropriate for such Content.

5.13 You will not communicate with other Users to discuss any topics unrelated to the services provided, advertising services that are not offered on the Match’ya Platform or offer money transfers that exceed the service fee intending to refund the extra portion of the price.

5.14 Match’ya is not liable for any Content submitted. Match’ya holds no responsibility for any pieces of advice and opinions declared on the Platform. Hence, you hereby agree to waive any legal rights that may incriminate Match’ya for any Content you find offensive, incorrect, objectionable, or flawed. Additionally, Match’ya holds the right to remove any Content posted by Users on the Platform, such Contents include but are not limited to:

  1. Content that violates licenses, copyrights, and/or trademarks;
  2. Content that violates Match’ya’s policies;
  3. Content that arises controversy; or
  4. Duplicate Content and duplicate service listings.

Using Our Platform

By using our Platform, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to the following:

6.1 You shall pay the fees required and satisfy your part of the transaction. The only exceptions to this part are the use of Dispute Resolutions or the event of failure of either party to abide by Match’ya policies or applicable laws.

6.2 You shall not violate any laws, Match’ya policies, copyrights, third-party rights, or any prohibited clause mentioned above.

6.3 You shall not post any false feedback that is solely intended to harm Service Providers.

6.4 With the exception of a Customer’s failure to satisfy the agreements made between them and Service Providers, a Service Provider shall always perform purchased services as advertised and perform the service to a degree that a reasonable person would deem fulfilled.

6.5 You shall not manipulate the payment process in any way or method, additionally, payments shall only be through the Platform.

6.6 As a Customer, you agree that Match’ya holds no responsibility or liability for the quality of service.

6.7 As a Service Provider, you agree that you are solely responsible for the quality of your service.

Service Provider

As a Service Provider, you agree to the following:

7.1 You are the representative of your Entity, and you abide by the Terms of Service of Match’ya.

7.2 Signing up to the Match’ya Platform is an acknowledgement of Match’ya’s Terms of Service and all other policies of Match’ya.

7.3 You shall not post listings of services you do not offer or that are irrelevant to your line of work.

7.4 You shall not falsify the location, channel, or delivery of performing any service.

7.5 You shall not use, organise, or conduct any fraudulent acts while using the Match’ya Platform.

7.6 You shall not attempt to avoid any fees that you are obligated to pay.

7.7 You shall not phrase your service description with words that may confuse or deceive the person reading it.

7.8 You shall not use your profile to post incorrect information.

7.9 You shall not redirect the service transaction away from the Platform.

7.10 You shall not use the Platform to advertise, endorse, or promote products, goods, or websites that have no relation to Match’ya, or services that have no relation to the Platform.

7.11 You shall not list any services that violate Match’ya policies or applicable laws.

7.12 You shall not list any services that have no category on the Match’ya Platform.

7.13 You shall not scheme or attempt to request any payments for anything that is not permitted by Match’ya Policies.

7.14 As a Service Provider, once you receive a request for a service, you have 24 hours to accept such service. If you don’t accept it within that time, the request will be cancelled.


As a Customer, you agree to the following

8.1 You shall not apply for a service with the intent of not following it with a payment.

8.2 You shall not ask for a service that you do not intend to have fulfilled or done.

8.3 You shall not request service on behalf of someone else, if so, you are solely responsible for any issues regarding the service including but not limited to the monetary transaction of the service.

8.4 The purpose of your service requests must only be service execution.

8.5 Some professions require certain certifications. You must abide by obtaining such certifications before listing services. Match’ya is not liable nor responsible for missing such documents and certifications. Service Providers must abide by the standards set by the Terms of Service.

8.6 You shall not intend to commit fraud or any illegal acts.

8.7We motivate Customers to pose questions to Service Providers and to carefully choose the services needed. We recommend choosing verified Service Providers. For more information on how Service Providers get verified on Match’ya, you may refer to the Service Provider Verification Policy.


Without a detriment to any privacy, by accessing the Platform, you accept that Match’ya places no guarantees on any confidentiality of any Content shared by Users.

Match’ya Content

10.1 Content submitted by Match’ya is owned by Match’ya, the Content is or may become secured by trademark, patent, copyright, and other laws. Match’ya hereby declares ownership of such Content and rights. All other Contents on the Platform, which are generally posted by Users are owned by their owners.

10.2 All Content is supplied for informational use unless it is violating Match’ya policies or applicable laws. Such use includes but is not limited to, copying, distributing, broadcasting, transmitting, selling, licensing, or reproducing the Content without written consent from the owner of such Content.

Termination of Accounts

11.1 You agree that Match’ya holds the right to suspend your account permanently or temporarily, make alterations to it, or delete it. This right enables Match’ya to do such alterations, suspensions, or deletions with or without notice. You hereby adhere to this right and agree that Match’ya is not liable for such behaviour.

11.2 You agree that Match’ya holds the right to cancel your access to the Platform by blocking your email or IP address. Additionally, Match’ya holds the right to eliminate any Content you have on the Platform with no obligation to express the reasons for doing so.

11.3 Match’ya will retain the right to store and use your data after disabling your account.

Dispute Resolution

12.1 Match’ya urges every User to be careful while interacting with other Users. Additionally, Match’ya advises Users to safeguard themselves by performing their due diligence, researching the needed service, and acting according to Match’ya Policies upon choosing services. Match’ya is not liable for the choices of its Users.

12.2 Users whether they are Customers, Service Providers, or any User of the Platform shall acknowledge and agree to the following:

12.3 The decisions you make during any interactions with other Users are your responsibility. Match’ya is not liable for such choices;

12.4 Any dispute between Users shall be resolved between both Users amicably, Match’ya holds no accountability or liability for such disputes; and

12.5 If resolving the dispute amicably was ineffectual, Users may submit a Dispute Resolution Request before service fees are released. Such a request grants Match’ya full control over the dispute and by raising this request you agree that Match’ya has the final verdict on this dispute. Match’ya does not grant a right for appeal after the verdict is announced. Additionally, after announcing the verdict, Match’ya is not liable or obligated for any actions.

12.6 Payments or transactions made any way other than through the Platform do not apply to the Dispute Resolution. Match’ya hereby urges Users to abide by the Terms of Service of Match’ya and keep applying all transactions through the Platform so we can create a safe and fair environment for all Users.

12.7 Match’ya denies any involvement, obligation, liability to any damages, losses, harm, death, personal injuries, dishonesty, fraud, or misrepresentation encountered by the transactions between Users. Nevertheless, Match’ya grants an effort to sort such problems between Users only when a Dispute Resolution Request is raised

12.8 You agree to release Match’ya from any liabilities regarding disputes or damages.


13.1 The Platform may display advertisements. If so, Match’ya does not endorse any of the advertisements shown on the Platform. You hereby agree to waive Match’ya from any liabilities or responsibilities in dealing with these advertisements including but not limited to, links, products, content, services, or websites.

13.2 Match’ya may be involved with third-party websites in advertising dealings, such dealings do not grant Match’ya control over the third-party websites. Match’ya is not necessarily affiliated with, sponsored by or sponsoring third-party websites.

13.3 You agree that Match’ya is not liable for any losses, damages, or harm inflicted on you or any other individual or Entity by the advertising links, products, services, websites, or any manner you involve yourself with any advertisement. Match’ya advises you to read the policies of any website or Entity you deal with. By dealing with third parties, you acknowledge and agree that Match’ya is not responsible thereafter and any concerns or inquiries between you and third parties shall be addressed with the third parties.


14.1 You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible while using the Platform for any purpose including but not limited to the use of Content, services provided or purchased, products, or goods. Match’ya does not guarantee or warrant the following:

  1. The services include but are not limited to their quality, fitness for a particular purpose, meeting of expectations, availability, continuity, compatibility, or completeness;
  2. The use of the Platform to be secure, uninterrupted, error-free, or compatible with any hardware, computer, phone, or system;
  3. The timely correction of errors, or the Platform being virus-free or harmful; and
  4. Inaccuracy of any material, or Content on the Platform, or transmitted via email or any other contacting method by Match’ya.

Advertisements and Third-Party Links

15.1 Match’ya disclaims any liability related to the Content posted or distributed on the Platform including but not limited to third-party Content, Users’ Content, or advertising Content.

15.2 Match’ya is not liable for, nor guarantees any of the promotions or advertisements to be accurate or true. Match’ya hereby does not accept any relation, responsibility, or liability to your participation with any other party.

Liability Disclaimers

You hereby acknowledge and agree to the following:

16.1 You are solely responsible for your choices of services. Your only right concerning any disappointments or dissatisfactions with the services is the right to raise a Dispute Resolution Request;

16.2 In no event shall Match’ya be liable for any indirect, direct, special, sequential, consequential, collateral, incidental, or exemplary harm or damages resulting from your use or access to Platform Content or Services. Nor shall Match’ya be liable for the conduct of the Users whether it was online or in person;

16.3 Match’ya’s liability to you (if there was any) shall not exceed the fees received by Match’ya for the service;

16.4 According to the Personal Data Protection Act, Match’ya is only liable for misconduct made by its owners and employees;

16.5 Match’ya does not warrant, nor is liable for, any harassments, offensive behaviours, abuses, or illegal acts by any User of the Platform; and

16.6 Match’ya is not liable for any delays that may arise for any purposes including but not limited to server delays, computer delays, internet delays, or human delays.

16.7 You acknowledge and agree that Match’ya is not obligated to maintain the services provided on the Platform.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Match’ya, its employees, partners, affiliates, and stakeholders from and against any actions, claims, damages, or expenses you encounter from the use of Services, Content, account, violating laws, Match’ya terms, or other individuals or entities.

Device Compatibility

Match’ya does not guarantee your Devices to be compatible with its Platform.

Fees and taxes

19.1 By providing a Platform to our Users, Match’ya Customers can communicate with Service Providers to arrange the service to be provided and received. Match’ya shall not be responsible for narrating or paying any tax. You agree to solely hold responsibility for tax reporting and law compliance.

19.2 You hereby agree to the right of Match’ya to charge fees to Users for their use of the Platform whether by providing/receiving services or any other use of the Match’ya Platform. Once you use Match’ya, you hereby agree to pay any fees set by Match’ya.

19.3 Match’ya expects its Cost of the Service to be paid upon the completion of the service. Whether you are a Customer or a Service Provider, you hereby acknowledge your authorisation of Match’ya collecting the cost on your behalf.

19.4 Cost of the Service should be available for release to Service Providers only within the following timespan:

  1. Seven (7) days period. This grants Match’ya to hold the Cost of the Service for seven days after the service completion when the Service Provider has solely marked the service as completed and no dispute was raised from the Customer during this period.
  2. “Immediately” Match’ya releases the Cost of the Service immediately after service completion when the Customer marks the service as completed; or
  3. “Two Days” Match’ya would release the Cost of the Service after two days of concluding a dispute. This is only applicable if the dispute was concluded to be completed and funds are to be released to Service Providers regardless in part or in full.

19.5 Collecting the Cost of the Service is Match’ya’s responsibility. Once the service is completed without any issues, the Cost of the Service shall be transferred to the Service Provider.

19.6 You agree that Match’ya has the discretion to create various offers for its Users. In regards to such offers, Match’ya has the discretion to make necessary adjustments to these offers.

19.7 All payments made by Customers shall be transmitted through Match’ya’s account. The payment shall be transferred to the Service Provider once it meets the proper conditions mentioned in clause 19.4, among other conditions written in Match’ya’s policies.

19.8 Payments that Match’ya deems or has a reason to believe is illegal or in violation of Match’ya’s policies shall be suspended. You hereby adhere to this right and agree to it. Additionally, you agree that Match’ya shall not be liable for any delay cancellation, or withholding of any payments.

19.9 You hereby grant your approval to cooperate in any criminal investigations that you may be a part of to assist Match’ya and the officers of the law.

  1. You agree that any agreements between Customers and Service Providers are solely and entirely between them and that Match’ya is not a party to such agreements. Additionally, you agree that all Users are independent and they do not have the authority to bind Match’ya.
  2. All policies published by Match’ya represent the agreements between you and Match’ya. If a part of these policies was deemed invalid in a court of law, the other parts of these policies shall remain effective.
  3. You acknowledge and agree that all Match’ya shall be governed by Singapore’s laws and you shall submit to the jurisdiction of Singapore’s courts.

Entire Terms

These Terms of Service alongside any other policies of Match’ya shall be a representation of your agreement with Match’ya in regards to your use of the Platform. In the event of invalidity of any clause or part of our policies deemed by a court of law, the rest of our policies shall not be affected by such invalidity.

Governing Law

Match’ya’s Terms of Service, together with all other policies, shall be governed by Singapore laws. You hereby agree to abide by the jurisdiction of Singapore courts in case of any claims.